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Shredding your confidential documents safely    Read the FAQ about shredding
Shred-it's proven, uncompromising document destruction compliance standards make sure your documents get destroyed when you want, and how you want. So you can focus on whats really important to you. Growing your business.
Confidential documents remain confidential:
  • Proven document destruction standards
  • Unbroken chain of custody
  • Legislation/industry expertise
Document destruction on your terms:
  • When you want
  • Where you want
  • How you want
You have unique challenges. We understand:
  • Your industry
  • Your business size
  • Your location
Making sure you're Secure

The risk of printed information falling into the wrong hands remains a constant threat, despite increased use of technology and computers to exchange information. Files may be shared electronically, but printed copies are still the norm and the information they contain is often easier to obtain than the originals saved on a computer. Through our secure shredding process, Shred-it empowers your organization big or small, to protect the confidential information of your customers, your suppliers, and your company. Protecting the security and privacy of your materials begins the moment they are deposited into your officeís Shred-it console. And the chain of custody remains unbroken until your documents are destroyed following our secure shredding process and your Certificate of Destruction is received. Shred-itís locked security consoles keep materials safe from curious janitors or waste management employees when youíre not around. At your convenience and based on a schedule arranged to suit your needs, a security-screened, insured Shred-it Customer Service Representative (CSR) unlocks the console and carries your materials to a secure shredding truck waiting outside. Depending on your preference, your documents can either be shredded on site or taken away and destroyed in the same secure manner at a later time. For whichever method you choose, a Certificate of Destruction is issued that confirms the secure shredding of your confidential materials. So trust Shred-itís secure shredding services to guard the privacy of your information and that of your customers and employees. It will make them feel secure. And that will make you feel secure too.

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Document destruction compliance is now the law

Keeping customer and employee information secure is more than good business. It's the law. Legislation concerning privacy is becoming more rigorous and continues to be strictly enforced. Organizations that fail to comply will incur severe penalties. Privacy legislation includes the ultimate destruction of confidential information, and shredding is the preferred method of document destruction. Information contained in documents must be destroyed so that it cannot be recreated. Shred-it's document destruction services were developed specifically to deal with the privacy and confidentiality requirements of individuals and organizations. We make it our business to know the privacy legislation and document destruction requirements in all regions where we have a presence so that you can focus on your core business practices. Our proven, uncompromising document destruction standards make sure your documents get destroyed in compliance with the legislation that applies to your business needs, your specific industry, and your municipal, regional and federal compliance requirements. Our in-truck shredders are incredibly powerful, turning even clipboards and cardboard into fine confetti that can't possibly be reconstructed. And we can look after your non-paper destruction needs as well. A Shred-it document destruction solution keeps your organization compliant. It looks after the privacy and security of all your information. It keeps you abreast of developments in your industry and your location. Partnering with Shred-it is good business. Please visit our Resource Center to find out more information regarding compliance for your industry.

Competition and Workplace Privacy
Protect trade secrets. Keep your private information private

Every employee around the globe produces confidential material daily - in every business. That's a lot of private information. Add to that your customers information and you have a lot of confidential information at stake, including your own trade secrets. The last thing you want in today's marketplace is for your competitors to have access to sensitive information, like your latest client proposal or annual budget. Unfortunately, this happens every day in America. US corporations report annual losses of more than $45 billion from the theft of trade secrets. Many people think of trade secrets being stolen by hackers, or shared with the wrong parties through electronic channels. But we are still very much a paper society. We print out documents to proof or sign and then, not realizing their value to others, put them in the trash. Or, in an effort to be environmentally friendly, we put them in the recycling bin. And that leaves reports, memos and budgets out there for all to see. A document destruction program ensures that all your corporate information is completely destroyed. And it fulfills your desire to be environmentally friendly, since all shredded paper is recycled into consumer products. Shred-it's secure chain of custody ensures that your private materials, and your trade secrets, are protected, and our locked security consoles keep materials safe from inquiring eyes. When it comes to trade secrets, the fewer people handling your confidential documents, the better. And the people who do handle it should be screened, certified professionals who understand how to keep confidential information confidential.

Save Time and Money
Shred-itís shredding services could save you up to 17% of the cost of doing it yourself

In these tough economic times, everyone is looking for the best way to stretch every dollar and eliminate any expenditure that doesnít provide the very best value. Thatís why having Shred-it look after your paper shredding needs is the right choice. It is about 17% cheaper to outsource your paper shredding than to do it yourself in house. So, whether you choose on site shredding, or off site shredding, Shred-it saves you money. And it doesnít just save you money Ė it also saves you time. It takes an employee 5 hours to shred 50 pounds of paper. Our state-of-the-art equipment can do the same task in minutes Ė without disrupting your business at all. Outsourcing means thereís no equipment to buy. And it frees up your staff to work on more profitable tasks. Shred-it document destruction also helps you save on space costs. Instead of paying rent on square footage to store files that have outlived their purpose, free up that space for more bottom-line-friendly purposes.

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Document destruction saves your biggest asset Ė your reputation

You donít even want to think about the costs involved in a security breach. And itís not just the financial implications of a disaster that you have to consider, but the damage that can be done to your reputation. The one that has taken you years to build. Shred-itís unbroken chain of custody safeguards all your sensitive information from the time the documents go into your locked consoles (for either on site shredding or offsite shredding) to the time they are securely shredded and recycled into paper products. So you can relax knowing that with a Shred-it document destruction solution, itís all safe and secure. And Shred-it shredding services provide a secure process, every step of the way. Both our on site shredding and off site shredding service keeps you compliant. Our proven document destruction process makes sure that your information is destroyed in compliance with legislation regarding your industry, your location and your information.

What to Shred
Knowing what to shred is vital

Paper consumption continues to increase, despite the advances in technology. So does the risk of information falling into the wrong hands. Shred-it's paper shredding solutions reduce that risk. Personal data and confidential information on your company, your employees or your customers needs to be protected. It's not just good practice. It's the law. A shredding program designed for you by Shred-it helps keep you compliant with your legislation. Knowing what to shred is vital. With Shred-it as your shredding services partner, it's easy. Shred-it's secure document destruction process empowers organizations, big or small, to make sure this information is secure. Although individual needs may vary, here is a good indication of what to shred.

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Executive level
  • Strategic Reports
  • Budgets
  • Legal contracts
  • Correspondence
Human Resources
  • Payroll information
  • Performance appraisals
  • Applications
  • Disciplinary reports and promotions
  • Medical records
  • Treatment programs
Research and Development
  • New product information
  • Reports
  • Formulas, product plans and tests
  • Specification drawings
Accounting and Information Technology
  • Payroll statements
  • Budget schedules
  • Internal reports
  • Supplier information
  • Customer lists
  • Manuals
  • Training information
  • Activity sheets
  • Contracts
  • General service information
  • Health and safety issues
  • Appraisals, product testing, etc.
  • Supplier records
  • Supplier specifications
  • Supplier purchase orders
  • Supplier confidential information
  • Corporate records
Sales and Marketing
  • Customer lists and contracts
  • Strategies
  • Advertising
  • Activity sheets
  • Training information
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Protect yourself, your company and your customers, and let Shred-it Document Destruction Services safeguard your privacy.
Shredding your confidential documents safely
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